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Development Studies (M.A. Programme)

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Double Degree for Specialisation in Geography: Bayreuth & Bordeaux

The Universities of Bayreuth and Bordeaux Montaigne offer up to five Development Studies students with the specialisation in Geography per year the opportunity to obtain a double degree. The same amount of double degree places are offered to students of ‘Géographie – Études du Développement’ in Bordeaux.

Enrolment for the Double Degree (Option Geography)

Students will be enrolled at their respective home institution. Bayreuth students will additionally be enrolled at Bordeaux Montaigne University for the entire period of the double degree (4 semesters), as required by the French regulations. Students from Bordeaux will be enrolled at the University of Bayreuth for the exchange period. Nevertheless, all programme participants will only be required to pay the tuition fees of their home university if such fees exist.

Standard Duration of the Programme

Two years (4 semesters), i.e. equal to the standard M.A. programme.

Mobility Scheme

Students specializing in Geography and seeking the double degree must obtain a minimum of 120 ECTS of which 60 ECTS are to be acquired in joint courses. The sequence is as follows:

  • 1st semester (winter term): home university
  • 2nd semester: all programme participants stay in Bordeaux (joint courses)
  • 3rd semester: all programme participants stay in Bayreuth (joint courses)
  • 4th semester: students are free to opt where to stay for the required internship and joint supervision of the master’s thesis and assessment (if required)
Double Degree Programme CoordinatorsHide

University of Bayreuth

Prof. Dr. Martin Doevenspeck
Professor of Political Geography
Department of Geography

Université Bordeaux Montaigne

Dr Sylvain Racaud
Pedagogical Coordinator
Department of Geography

Application and Admission

A maximum of five students from each university will be admitted every year. Students have to apply for the exchange programme according to their home university’s regulations.

If you are interested in joining the double degree programme with your home university in Bayreuth, you need to apply for the Master’s Programme in Development Studies and, in parallel, you are required to send the following documents to the Double Degree Coordinator (see contacts below):

  • certificates, diplomas or documentation indicating that you have obtained the required level of education by the time of enrolling in the Programme;
  • transcript of records corresponding to all Bachelor’s academic years;
  • proof of English language skills – a minimum of level B2 required (which Bayreuth students of Development Studies will have fulfilled in any case according to the Development Studies admission regulations);
  • letter of motivation in English;
  • curriculum vitae in English;
  • a reference letter in English;
  • copy of the national identity card, passport ID page and/or residence permit;
  • additional information that supports your application in a significant way
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