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An Interdisciplinary Programme of the University of Bayreuth

Development Studies (M.A. Programme)

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Double Degree for Specialisation "International Economics":             Bayreuth & Bordeaux

The Universities of Bayreuth and Bordeaux offer the opportunity to obtain a prestigious double degree from both institutions. The Double Degree programme allows students to study at both universities and obtain a degree from each of them. Up to five students pursuing Development Studies with a specialisation in International Economics per year can benefit from this opportunity.

The Bordeaux School of Economics, a strategic partner of UBT, offers the same number of double degree places to students pursuing “Économie du Développment, parcours Conception et conduite des projets de développement et d’urgence”.The Bordeaux Gateway Office provides support for the Double Degree programme and helps ensure its smooth implementation. Both institutions have Programme Coordinators available to provide further information.

Enrollment for the Double Degree (for Specialisation "International Economics")

Students will be enrolled at their respective home institution. Bayreuth students will also be enrolled at University of Bordeaux for the entire four-semester duration of the Double Degree programme, in accordance with French regulations. Students from Bordeaux will be registered at the University of Bayreuth during the exchange period. All programme participants will only be required to pay the tuition fees of their home university if such fees exist.

Standard Duration of the Programme Hide

Two years (4 semesters), i.e. equal to the standard M.A. programme. A specific study scheme guides the students through the 2 years of study.

Mobility SchemeHide

Students specializing in Economics and seeking the double degree must obtain a minimum of 120 ECTS of which 64 ECTS are to be acquired in joint courses. The MA thesis will be co-supervised by both universities. The sequence is as follows:

  • 1st semester (winter term): home university
  • 2nd semester: all programme participants study in Bayreuth (joint courses)
  • 3rd semester: all programme participants study in Bordeaux (joint courses)
  • 4th semester: home university
Double Degree Programme Coordinators Hide

University of Bayreuth

Prof. Dr. David Stadelmann
Professor of Economic Policy and Economic Development
Department of Law, Business & Economics

Prof. Dr. Alexander Stroh-Steckelberg
Professor of political science: African politics and development policy
Department of Sociology

Université de Bordeaux

Prof. Dr. François Combarnous
Department of Economics, Management and economic and social Administration

Prof. Dr. Eric Rougier
Department of Economics, Management and economic and social Administration

Application and AdmissionHide

A maximum of 10 students will be admitted every year, i.e. 5 per partner university. Students have to apply for the exchange programme according to their home university’s regulations.

If you are interested in joining the Double Degree programme through the University of Bayreuth, you need to apply for the Master’s Programme in Development Studies and, in parallel or shortly after enrolment, you are required to send the following documents to the Double Degree Coordinator (see contacts above):

  • transcript of records corresponding to all Bachelor's academic years;
  • copy of the national identity card, passport ID page and/or residence permit;
  • curriculum vitae in English;
  • letter of motivation in English;
  • a short statement in French describing your French language skills, where/how you acquired them and if/how you will use the first year of study to improve your french language skills;
  • additional informaation that supports your application in a significant way.

Webmaster: Univ.Prof.Dr. Alexander Stroh-Steckelberg

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